- Self-charming robo-snake

Self-charming robo-snake, 2020

Welcome to the rich inner musical world of robots! With the help of the camera-eye and a specialized neural network, our “Self-charming robo-snake” recognizes humans and observes the movements of the ones it likes.
The moves of the robo-snake remind us of a snake dancing to the flute of a snake-charmer, but this robot needs no external music. It creates its own inspired by the people walking by. The music is created by the cooperation of human bodies and smart, sophisticated algorithms, and the snake’s mechanical body itself performs it - unusual, alien, and robotic music. The sound is inspired by the audience's movements - who become co-authors of both the melody and the dance. The sound is born right in the snake’s complex body joints and in the electric motors that give it power. Microphones and electronics combine the sounds emitted by the robot snake's body into a single melody.
It is fascinating to watch the slow, meditative magic of complex mechanics and listen to the sound art that the snake continuously performs as it moves.
In the installation “Self-charming robo-snake”, a robot and people in front of it interact through interpreting the human body language by a neural network. Humans, machine, and the algorithm can collaborate and create together the art of sound and dance.


Natalia Alfutova

Nail Salmanov

Alexandre Bezroutchko

Yaroslav Kravtsov