collaboration with Yaroslav Kravtsov

The research of the new corporeality in the age of digital doppelgängers living in social media
FACED2FACED mobile app is a media art project designed to bring the viewer face to face with their own digital reflection. FACED2FACED converts a user's portrait into a 3D model, transferring her image into the digital space. With the help of augmented reality technology, the twin is projected on the palm of its creator, becoming a monstrous extension of his or her own physicality. The resulting avatar has access to public information posted on social media. Using this data set, it communicates with the creator, bringing him face to face with himself, which could only be imagined several years ago.
The FACED2FACED project has been presented during the opening of 58th Venice Biennale.
From the very dawn of civilization, humans have been wary of their look-alikes. In most traditional cultures doubles were considered sinister and dangerous: the Native Americans were forbidden to take portrait photos and in the era of Romanticism meeting with a doppelganger (German for ‘double’) was a harbinger of death. Most internet users don’t realize that by being active on social networks we are bringing up our digital doubles and our identity spills all over the world.
It becomes more and more difficult for a real person to be separated from the image they create on the web. This phenomenon has yet to be comprehended by modern philosophers. FACED2FACED speaks about it in the language of modern art.
  • The FACED2FACED mobile app is installed into participants' smartphones
  • It creates 3D avatars of the guests
  • The 3D avatars are endowed with artificial intelligence based on public information in social networks
  • The avatar is ‘implanted’ into the participant's body with the help of AR technology
  • The person acquires modified digital corporeality: the doppelgänger head, which is able to talk with them

Will be available for download soon


Natalia Alfutova

Media artist

Yaroslav Kravtsov

Media artist

Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky


Dmitry Goryunov

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Yulia Arhipova

Creative Manager

Dmitry Volkov


Dmitri Mazurov


Alfia Miftakhutdinova


Tatiana Efimchuk


Dmitri Vulegzhanin